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Tips For Female Cyclists – From Bib Tights To Hair

tips for female cyclists
Written by Lydia Hunter

Cycling is a male dominated sport, there’s no two ways about there. There are stacks and stacks of male magazines out there, but when it comes to tips for female cyclists, there’s some serious room for improvement. I’ve learnt some of these the hard way, and are tips that should make your time on the bike much more enjoyable.

Ditch the knickers

It makes me wince when I’m riding behind a girl and can see her VPL, because it’s simply so painfully uncomfortable. Cycling shorts are designed to be worn without pants! Pants rub and contribute to chafing, and also don’t allow your body to breathe as efficiently.

tips for female cyclists

Frankly, it does you no good at all. It feels weird at first, but once you’ve lived that pants free life, there’s no going back! This is one of the most important tips for female cyclists out there!

On your period?

Strangely enough, they don’t tackle this in Cycling Weekly! Exercise helps with PMS, so always try and get on your bike if you can. The main lesson here is, don’t EVER wear a pad.

It might seem like an okay idea at first, as you can wear them running and in other forms of exercise. However, the padding in shorts isn’t designed to be worn under a layer of absorbent cotton, and unless you want to experience a rubbing and burning sensation you wouldn’t wish on your worst enemy, just don’t do it.

Tampons work perfectly well, and after all,¬†you’re going to be wearing dark padded shorts anyway!

Bras + bib-tights

tips for female cyclists

How the fuck is this supposed to work??

If you’ve seen and hate the Assos modelling as much as I do, you know what I’m getting at.

Boobs are a tad inconvenient when you’ve got to get straps around them and be comfortable at hours for a time. If you’ve got a bigger chest like me, AVOID the ones that go straight down the middle. They just sit and rub between your chest, dig in, and generally aren’t that fun.

I find the regular style ones are the best. Simple and sweet, they can just go over or around your boobs, and you can barely feel them there.

tips for female cyclists

Much better!


Cycling is no fashion show, but it can be a right pain when you’ve got waist long hair to fit under a helmet. I either go for a very low bun so it sticks out underneath, or if I have the time, a plait.

If you’re more skilled than me, there are some gorgeous styles that you can try out. Just take a look at some of these videos and be inspired!


It’s common sense, but is so, so important. Always wash your bibs straight after wearing them, and also take them off as soon as possible. Sweat collect and if you have any open pores or sores, it can lead to them becoming infected.

Sleeping in cotton underwear is always a good idea after a long ride, as it really allows your body to breathe again after hours in the saddle.

Find a community!

Riding with over girls is one of the best feelings out there. You can swap tips for female cyclists, encourage each other and do thing just not possible with guys (sorry!).

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